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Want to be in our team?   If you play in a Band or you are a Solo Artist.  SX Guitars is seeking talented guitar and bass players with lots of heart to join the "SX Guitars Team".

If you are an experienced (no matter your age) talented guitar or bass player, and you'd like to join our team -- read on! This an exciting opportunity if you're up for the challenge! Our Team Players travel the world, promoting our company, and help to build the brand in general.

First, you'll have to Contact our Artist Relations Department  below.

Be sure to include :

bulletYour CV.  Past, present and future plans. And a brief paragraph stating what you would like to achieve as a SX Guitars endorser.
bulletBand and Solo pictures

After you register, you will be invited to upload pictures and video of yourself. Please keep the video to under 3 minutes in length, any format is fine. If you make the cut, you will be contacted by a SX Guitars Artist Relations leader to further discuss your conditions, qualifications and availability.

Please feel free to contact us at  SX Guitars. We will be very glad to have you in our Team. 

Contact our Artist Relations Department


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