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THE COMPETITION IS OVER... While we at SX Guitars  believe our instruements  to be better in terms of quality and performance then anything else out there (in fact we guarantee it), any educated, experienced musician will tell you that all our instruments are very similar. As other guitars and bass companies try desperately to maintain their inflated and unrealistic retail prices, SX Guitars is lowering its already low prices.


Check out this comparison Chart of Guitars:

Brand     Model       Price         
SX GG    


"You may ask, "How can SX Guitars do this?" The answer is simple... VOLUME (And we like pissing off our competition). Through our growing network of 200+ retailers around the world (see below for retailer info) and our online-direct selling through  we have now reached a critical point in our business cycle where our sales volume has exceeded our wildest expectations. By cutting retail prices even more, we feel we can significantly increase our sales, market share and therefore profits. And the real winner in this competition is YOU!"

Thanks for making SX Guitars a HUGE success!

I own a SX AG/CE LTD1 acoustic guitar. Your web site claims it is one of 60 ever made worldwide. The certificate sent with the guitar says it is #15 of 156 ever made. Which is true?
I am the owner/master engineer and producer of Hugetone Recording Studios . By the way, I don't know how you do it but some of the SX guitars I own and I own a SX SST57 , SX GG1 Supreme and the LTD1 as well as a SX STL50, are amazing for the money and with only small dollar improvements, like better CTS pots, Seymor Duncan pickups and a good set-up these guitars are as fine as any " Big Name " one's in the world as "player" guitars go. Keep up the great work and truth is, every player that comes to my studio and puts his or her hands on my SX guitars that are on display and endorsed on my web site are stunned and amazed at how incredible they are especially when I tell them how much they cost. They often don't believe me. I'm a believer, trust in that. Thanks in advance,
 Ed  Mili  Hugetone Recording Studios
SX GG1 Les Paul  Supreme
I have been playing for 15 years... I have owned, at one time or another, almost every make of guitar readily available to the general public; that means everything from Gibson to Fender to Rickenbacker to PRS to Ibanez to... on and on. I bought this guitar for the petite, 9-year-old daughter of a couple whom I love dearly. She has been doing really well with her lessons, and her mom and dad decided to splurge and get her an electric. I volunteered to scour the earth in search of a GOOD guitar at a good price, not a piece of junk with a low cost or an overpriced used thing. SX and Agile (Rondo's house brands) are the BEST value for their money. There is no manufacturer making an instrument at this price point that even comes close.
If it were lost or stolen, I would drop the phone when I heard the news, mid-call, and tear a blue streak back to Rondo for another. No doubt about it. This is the neatest little 3/4 size guitar around, and it rivals many $300 full-size instruments. The only thing I wish came with it was a padded gig bag.

Features: 8
Solid body, double cutaway, 3 pickups, 5-way selector, 1 volume and 2 tone knobs. Metallic blue finish, rosewood fretboard on a maple neck. It's a 3/4 size Strat. No mysteries here... this is an attempt, and a very good one, to cash in on the look and sound of the most famous guitar in the world for smaller players. Also makes a great travel or knock-around guitar. It gets an 8 because while there is no new ground being broken in design or features, again, this guitar apes the Strat very well.

Sound: 8
I play Gospel music that is equally influenced by rock, blues and country. My heroes include Clapton, Santana, Knopfler, Burton, and Betts among others. I have played this guitar through both tube and solid state amps, and the pure, clean Strat tones always shine through. It is a bit noisy any time you have only one pickup selected, but that is due to the design of the single-coil pickups... an $800 American Strat with stock pickups will buzz, too. Again, an 8 here because this is a Strat copy... it does the Strat thing better than any stock Squier, period. You would have to pay at least 5 to 6 times as much money for a guitar that Fender sells that comes close to the tone and playability of this guitar without any mods or major changes.

Action, Fit, & Finish: 8
The action was OK... I always have every guitar I buy set up first anyway, so the factory setup was not a factor. The nut needed filing a little. The pickups are right where they should be. The finish is fine and the parts, while definitely cheaper ones, are and do exactly what they should. I would expect no less on any new guitar, no matter the cost. The factory where these SX guitars are made obviously has workers who care at least a little about their quality control.

Reliability/Durability: 8
The guitar would surely do fine in performance. The tuners are Grovers... very stable. I could and would depend on this guitar for what it does, but because I play more than one style of music, I never play with only one guitar, unless it is my main and priceless Les Paul.

Overall Rating: 10
Submitted by Uncle Steve at 11/17/2004 09:17

Features 8 (2 responses)
Sound 9 (2 responses)
Action, Fit, & Finish 9 (2 responses)
Reliability/Durability 8 (2 responses)
Customer Support 10 (2 responses)
Overall Rating 10 (2 responses)


Valencia CG-30 Classical
I 've been playing for 6 years and i have an ibanez RG570, a Gibson Les Paul Custom, a Gibson SG Standard and a marshall fullstack amp. i use a digitech RP200 which is one of the best multi effects box's i've ever used it can make almost any sound that a full rack of single pedals can. very grunty distortion

Features: 7
Features include good wood with the nice smell of good wood, cutaway body for better reach and a great case included. It also comes with a Shadow pickup with a 5-band eq. Herein lies my problem...

Sound: 5
The pickup only picked up the middle four strings! If you want to hear either E string, then you got problems, unless mine was a faulty exception. Too bad really, because it was a smoking deal I got on ebay from rondomusic. First time I've had serious problems with one of their guitars.

Action, Fit, & Finish: 7
The fret edges were rough, not hand-finished I expect. The sound was ok unplugged, but like I said the pickup not working properly doomed the guitar for me and I sent it back.

Reliability/Durability: N/A
No comment here, it wouldn't withstand playing in my living room plugged in...

Customer Support: N/A
Kurt at Rondo always emails back soon and he told me today that the check's in the mail so I figure it will be. I'll have to hold off on this rating until I have it in my hands, however...

Overall Rating: 5
Wish the pickup would've worked. The only other problem I foresaw was in the rough fret edges. It seems the SX and Valencia brands I've tried from Rondo share this problem while the Agile brand does not. You get what you pay for I guess. Agile is made in Korea I believe while SX and Valencia are Chinese, so there you go. I have a feeling the pickup is just cheap and not broken on my specific guitar, so I asked for a refund instead of a replacement. The user review below seems to paint a totally positive picture though, so who knows?

Submitted by dan leach at 07/17/2004 13:14

Price Paid: $349 ((New Zealand))

Purchased from: N/A
New Zealand Rockshop

Features: 10
Made in 2004, 20 frets no cutaway, rosewood fretboard i have no idea what the body is made from. nice looking, quite thick laminate on back of neck but very smooth. everything a classical guitar needs

Sound: 10
it has a very bright sound and for a reasonably cheap classical guitar it has a very good sound. it is one of the best sounding classical guitars i've played

Action, Fit, & Finish: 10
nothing wrong with it at all

Reliability/Durability: 9
i took it on an airplane and the baggage handlers dropped it in its hardcase from the plane and the headstock snapped but the airline payed for a repair and gave me compensation for it. i've had it for less than a year and played it about 2-3 hours a day except for when it was being repaired and it hasn't started to wear out. no fretwear at all so far.

Customer Support: N/A
3 year warranty


SX SST 62 STRAT Junior
I have been performing for over 45 years steady. I own Hugetone Recording Studios. I am a FCC licensed engineer and I am the executive producer of Hugetone Records. I own way to many guitars to list here. In summary I'll tell you that big name logos don't help you play the music any better than a well setup one of these SX guitars. If an instrument is built well and it's neck is right then the name on the headstock is only a status thing. These SX guitars make excellent work pieces for stage work and you don't have to risk your precious 3000.00 Gibson or 2500.00 Fender custom shop piece out in public. Leave them home safe and sound and use one of these. Put a good set of pickup's and some CTS pots in them and go rock and roll. After that it's just your head,heart,fingers and soul and talent that matter.

Features: 9
This is a 2004 model made in China. 24 frets with a solid maple flame top in a cherry sunburst. The standard les paul configuration. 2 humbuckers. 2 vol/ 2 tone 1 3way sel switch. Passive electronics. It's made from solid 3 piece mahogany. Les Paul body design with a sharp pointed horn. It has real nice tuners compared to the standard one's found on the other SX line of guitars. Very Grover like. It has a 13.7 radius neck and a real nice rosewood fretboard with very well done peraloid markers with abalone center inlays. I'll give it a nine because only absoulte perfection can get a 10 right?

Sound: 9
It has ceramic wax potted humbuckers which sound good but I put the Agile 3500 series Serymor Duncan clone pickups in it and now it on par with a real deal Les Paul. I own real pauls so it is a fair comparison. It is absoultely stone quiet. I wish it came with pots that were bigger than the eraser on a pencil but for 189.95 what can you expect? After all you only need to spend 20.00 for 4 new CTS pots and there you go, you have the same deal as what Gibson offers.

Action, Fit, & Finish: 9
The pickups were set fine out of the box. The nut is where SX cheats a bit. If they would just use a real bone or graphite nut and cut it properly they would be blowing Dean, Ibanez, Turser and the likes out of the water. The frets were finished very nicely and there are no buzz issues after a slight tweak of the neck truss rod.

Reliability/Durability: 9
It has nice size strap pegs so you can feel comfortable without strap locks as long as you don't do back flips on stage. I'm getting to old for that anyway. I never play without backup but that's just common sense not an indication of this guitars abilities or quality.

Features 9 (1 response)
Sound 9 (1 response)
Action, Fit, & Finish 9 (1 response)
Reliability/Durability 9 (1 response)
Customer Support 10 (1 response)
Overall Rating N/A (1 response)


SX Bass Collection SB301   +Info
You guys are gonna love this one...
I found this bass dissasembled in my drummer's closet. I play lefty, and thought it might make a good project (left handed conversion). The previous owner had yanked the frets out of the neck and sanded the body down to bare wood. It sat in my closet for four years until one fateful weekend...

Features: P/J pickups (passive), active preamp, used to have 4 knobs, but now there's 3.

The previous owner also robbed one knob from the control cavity, and I had to draw a diagram from what was left. I decided to hard wire the 3 mystery leads together, but now I think they used to goto a blend knob. The 3 knobs I have are "p" volume, "j" volume, and master tone, which is also an active volume boost if you click it down.

So mine is fretless, and it met a jigsaw, so its a lefty. It came out real nice, I grafted the horn from one side onto the other, and made a new cutaway. I used alot of wood filler (like bondo) and alot of primer. The shape is VERY Warwickmeetsyamaha.

This is my new ongoing project. Its playable and functional. If anyone needs a wiring diagram (albiet hand drawn)... let me know.
I gave it a 5 for features because I chose what features it had.

Sound: 8
Sound is great, for the sound it makes. Sound is subjective, and I'd never expect they way I play one bass and set up my amp for it, to work for the next bass. You have to play to what you hear. And I love the hollow woody fretless sound it had, especially active, and espectially because I use Fender Nylon Tapewound strings. I use them on my Jazz bass too, so I'm partial to them, but the SB301 makes them sound very very different. I get a bit of hiss from the electronics because the tapewounds dont let the ground go thru me to quiet it down, but if I left the fleshy part of my palm rest on the bridge, it quiets down. I'm thinking of installing a groundstrap like computer builders wear.
I took out the stock SGC "P" pickup and put in a set from a Samick fretless 5string that was lying around. The SGC "j" & Samick "p" contrast well together.

Action, Fit, & Finish: 10
Action fit and finish is hard to comment on in this case, because I did that work. and it's poor by some standards, but its also MY Frankenstien monster, and I dont care.

The FIT, the factory neck slot is tight. I put a few drops of glue in there when I re-assembled, (I always do) to take away any lateral slop.

Action: Aftermarket high-mass aluminum bridge on one end. The other end is a hogged out factory nut so the lefty stringing fits. skinny string in a huge hole, big string in a filed out goove. The action is set to compensate. Ive had alot of years of righty to lefty conversions for this to become natural to me.
FInish: Primer.

Reliability/Durability: 8
This thing is built.
Its way light. You drop it, it stays in tune. Throw it in the back of a pickuptruck and it stays in one piece. Electronics havent exploded. I'd say the reliability/durability is primo~!!

Customer Support: N/A
Customer Support, not even.

Overall Rating: 7
Ive been playing for 13 years.
Its just a bass.
It's unique, and I love it because I made it (kinda). But its justa bass. I like how light and easy to play it is. But its a niche' instrument, not a main axe.



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