SX VJM-62   Finally an affordable 100% surfer styled guitar. At first glance looks like an alternate version of the Jazz Master.  You will be very surprised how solid this guitar feels.   In many ways it’s a lot like a Jazz Master  specially  in styling and how it hangs around my neck,  but nowadays technology is the fact.

 Get that twangy surf sound so easy.   The  SX '62 SURF  has that killer look and cool sound inspired in something between a Jaguar and a '62 Jazzmaster.    That's the reason this guitar is a fav between these days guitar masters


SX VJM-62   Reviews, Demo   & Video
Review de la prestigiosa revista  Guitarrista    SX VJM-62
Video de  JJ.  Muy cool,  muy chill e interesante. Todo con una guitarra que si os decimos el precio que tiene no te lo crees.  La surfera SX VJM-62 es un valor en alza  Chequéalo aquí>>

Recent artists with J-MASTER - JAG Electric Guitar sound:    

adam cooper   alison's halo   andrew sherriff   chapterhouse  belinda butcher    my bloody valentine   carl hultgren   windy and carl  ed ackerson   polara   ira kaplan   yo la tengo   jason martin    kevin shields   my bloody valentine   kurt cobain   nirvana  raul      magic dirt   scott cortez    lovesliescrushing   simon rowe     chapterhouse 

Jaguar styled was Kurt Cubain (Nirvana)  main stage guitar from the band's inception until his untimely death in 1994.

Get the surf guitar tone of your life.   SX Guitars welcomes  The Endless Summer Reunion Concert 2004

The Sandals … first time together since 1968
The Malibooz … featuring Walter Egan & John Zambetti on vocals
The Blue Hawaiians … LA’s famed club kings
The Torquays … Orange County